As of July 2006 the country along the Plenty Highway was looking good. Plenty of Ptilotus and other wildflowers out and plenty of birds.


This road does not lead to any National Parks or features of interest, but does give access to a lot of good birding habitat. Traffic is light, and it is safe to travel slowly (say 60 km/hr) which gives a better chance of seeing birds.

The road turns off the Stuart Highway 70 km north of Alice Springs. The first 80 km is sealed and suitable for all vehicles. Beyond this it is a typical outback gravel road. Its condition depends on when it was last graded.

Camping on the road reserve is permitted. If the boundaries are not fenced the reserve generally extends 100 m each side of the centre line of the road.

The adjacent land is pastoral lease. Walking onto this should not be a problem, but do not disturb cattle and keep away from watering points, that is dams and bores.

The road passes through a lot of good mulga woodland habitat. Check the eremophilas about 1 km east of Mueller Creek. If they are in flower they may attract honeyeaters.

Southern Stone-curlews and Spotted Nightjars are often heard when camping in this area.


The sealed section of the road is single lane and it is necessary to put the left wheels off the bitumen to pass on-coming vehicles. If you meet a road-train get right off the road.

Watch out for cattle, especially near watering points, and kangaroos.

Take the usual precautions for travelling in remote areas, in particular carry sufficient water.